Randy Moss Has Issues…Like Unemployment

The Vikings unexpectedly cut Randy Moss yesterday, bringing an end to his short tenure in Minneapolis.  No matter which way you look at it, Randy Moss brought this on himself.

The Vikings’ owner reportedly didn’t want to waive Moss, but he obviously got overruled in this situation.  Moss punched his ticket out of town in a few different ways, in my opinion.

Randy Moss waves goodbye to New England. Could be checking back in soon?

First of all, Moss has a tendency to take plays off.  I didn’t watch enough Vikings football over the last few weeks to know whether or not that was the case during his time in Minnesota, but that notion will always hang over his head.  Second of all, his lack of desire to speak to the media may only be a financial burden to Moss himself, but it still makes the Vikings look bad.  It puts undue stress on their media relations people.

When he highlighted his last postgame press conference with a diatribe complimenting all-things Patriots, it was probably frowned upon by Vikings management.

Now that Moss is available to claim on waivers, should the Bears take a flyer on him?

First of all, they’d have to wait for 18 other teams to pass.  Secondly, I don’t think the Bears should take a chance on adding him to their locker room.  Despite their issues at wide receiver, and believe you me there are plenty, the Bears have much more pressing issues at hand.  The Bears don’t need to be taking on that kind of money for a problem player when they can’t even protect their quarterback.

John Clayton of ESPN.com has a blog post about some of the possibilities for Moss.  He lists the Rams, Seahawks, Redskins, Dolphins, Patriots and Chiefs.  According to Clayton, it would make sense for the Patriots to pick him back up only if nobody else claims him.  If everyone else passes on Moss, then the Vikings would owe Moss the rest of his $3.388 million salary, then he would be available for anyone to pick up for $450,000.  Not a bad deal if you ask me, especially if he really respects the Patriots as much as he says he does.

So maybe Moss’ unemployment issues aren’t much of an issue at all.  He’ll get paid either way, and could pick up an extra half million.  What a life.


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