Softball Takes Me Back

Before this summer, I hadn’t played an organized sport since I played on my high school baseball team my senior year.  Intramurals in college don’t count, because those seasons are three games long.

I began playing with a 12″ softball team this summer, and I’ve never had more fun playing a sport in my life.  

For several years now, I’ve been wanting to get on a team, but just this summer is the first time I’ve been able to.  School got in the way for a few years, and then there was no room for me on the team.  I think the draw of it, and I know that thousands of other people can say the same thing, is the chance to be competitive while having fun at the same time.

The overwhelming majority of us who dreamt of being a professional athlete, in whatever sport, didn’t get there.  Softball gives us the chance to get back on the field, gives us something to talk about, gives us something to compete at.  While it is competitive, it’s not like we’re getting paid millions of dollars to win.

My experience this summer has been so positive, that I’m starting my own team in the fall.  I like being in charge of things, so this will be fun.  I’ll enjoy being able to make my own lineup and be the leader on and off the field.  Not only that, but I’ve gotten some experience asking for sponsorships.  I’ve got two really solid leads as of right now, so hopefully one of those works out well and I can continue a partnership for the future.

What I want to get out of softball is, first of all, fun.  I want to be competitive, and I like having a reason to get back in shape.  Some might not understand why I take softball so seriously.  I know I’m not the only one who does, and anyone like me can relate.  We’ve competed all our lives, and while we’ll never have an opportunity to compete at the highest levels, softball gives us a chance to compete.


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  1. Steve

    Like Smokey Robinson said, “I second that emotion!” softball rules!

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