Calipari to the Bulls? Ugh…

By Brady Stiff

A few days ago, a Yahoo Sports report came out saying that John Calipari would be interested in the Bulls vacant coaching position.

Shoot me, now please.

Please, Calipari, I'm begging you, stay away from Chicago

It all makes sense, though.  Calipari is friends with many players in the NBA, including marquee free agent LeBron James.  He also has the same agent as Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.  He used to coach Derrick Rose at Memphis.

Calipari is the perfect candidate for the NBA.  He wouldn’t have to worry about recruiting, which while it’s his strong suit at the college level, his ethics are repeatedly called into question.

While he failed at the NBA level before with the Nets, he would be in a great situation with the Bulls.  They’ve been to the playoffs two straight years, have an emerging superstar in Rose, a capable big man in Joakim Noah, and the ability to essentially recruit a top free agent.  Calipari would succeed right away, just like he’s accustomed to doing.

Don’t expect me to be watching, or even paying attention, though.

You can tell me all you want that it’s the Hoosier in me that hates Calipari.  His employment by the University of Kentucky pretty much guarantees that.  I’ve had a bad vibe about him, however, going back to his time at Memphis, and I know I’m not alone.  It’s my common sense and morality that I’m banking on here.

I’m not going to get into why UK will regret hiring Calipari.  Neal has already done that.

I’m saying I will pay even less attention to the Bulls and the NBA than I already do (which is very little).  If John Calipari and LeBron James come to the Bulls, they may very well win a championship, but I really could care less.

It’s kind of sad, because I really want to like the NBA.  Every year I promise myself I will pay attention to the league, but every year I find myself way, way more intrigued by the college game.  Calipari and James would be the last straw.

LeBron James may be the best player in the league today.  Hell, who am I kidding, he definitely is.  He could pass up Michael Jordan as the best player to ever play.  That’s a debate that will rage on forever.  The things he can do on a basketball court are nothing short of amazing.

I don’t want him.

I prefer not to watch him cry every time he gets a foul called against him, or doesn’t get a call.  I prefer to not have to watch NBA officials prove the “star-system theory”.  I prefer to win with class, instead of dancing on the sidelines (Kudos to Joakim Noah for calling him out).  I prefer to lose with class, instead of walking off the court without shaking the hands of your opponents in congratulations.

I don’t want John Calipari.  Even if his personality is best suited for the NBA, let someone else have him, or continue to let Kentucky suffer.  Maybe I’m wrong, but coaching in the NBA doesn’t amount to much more than getting the right player the ball and letting him go to work.

Maybe that’s why Vinny Del Negro was able to get the Bulls to the playoffs two straight years without any prior coaching experience.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure other people have vastly different opinions than I do.  If you enjoy the NBA and everything about it, don’t let me discourage you from doing so.  It’s just not my cup of tea.

On the other hand, I would love it if Calipari would go to the NBA, even the Bulls (I can hate and love the same thing…it’s a free country dammit).

Why?  It would get Calipari and his slimeball nature out of college basketball.  Now I’m not saying that college hoops is reserved for pure angels, but I think the game would improve slightly with him in the NBA.

Kentucky would certainly be better off without the guy who’s going to kill their APR.

I guess my real desire is for John Calipari to be out of college basketball.  Once that happens, I could care less where he goes.


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One response to “Calipari to the Bulls? Ugh…

  1. Calipari isn’t going anywhere until he wins a title (and then vacates it).

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