To Tebow or Not To Tebow?


Tim Tebow is a charming, engaging, well-spoken philanthropist off the field.  He also happens to be one of  the most intense, hard-working, and successful college football players of all time.

So is it even humanly possible to NOT like this guy?

Well, yes.  Absolutely, as a matter of fact.

You see, the same Tim Tebow charm that has wooed the majority of the country over the last few years seems  to be wearing off.  Not with everyone, but you can sense some people may be growing tired of Florida’s Golden  Boy.  So I’m going to examine the two sides of Tebow and give my own opinion of him.  Most importantly,  though, I want to know what the readers think because it seems like you either love him or you hate him.  I  want to hear your take, but first, let’s take a look at the two sides of the Tim Tebow argument…

-Tim Tebow: Love Him

Not only does Tim Tebow worship God and praise his existence with every waking moment, he is God!  I mean, what’s not to like about this guy?  Philanthropy is his middle name…whether it’s going on mission trips to rebuild poverty-stricken areas or visiting sick children, this guy loves helping others.

Unlike most football players, Tebow isn’t a meathead…in fact, he is intelligent.  He was a model student athlete at Florida and is about as well-spoken as it gets when it comes to athletes, pro or college.  Not only does Tebow have wholesome values and a strong academic record, he is a hard-working football player on the field.  And that’s just a start.  He provides unmatched motivation to his teammates, he brings an intensity to the game that is rarely seen, and he is a hell of an athlete.

He has tremendous body strength and great speed, but also possesses an underrated arm.  His skill set is rare, but his work ethic far surpasses anything you see on a regular basis among other athletes.  Add onto that his passion for the game, and there is no way this guy won’t make a solid NFL player.

-Tim Tebow: Hate Him

Is there anybody more exhausting than this guy?  I mean, come on, turn off the act for awhile, buddy!  His philanthropy and religious values may be real, but why does he have to tell everybody about it?  And the interviews he gives…oh man, it’s the same thing every time.

We know that he works hard and loves the game of football, but he is way too hyped up about it all the time.  Mix it up, man…you can be calm and laid back during an interview…it’s okay!  Perhaps this is just jealousy talking, but can’t Tebow do something wrong?  He makes everyone else feel like a pile of horse manure…to the point where people just plain despise the guy.

As for on the field, talk about a player who is overrated!  I don’t care how much intensity and passion he has, NFL defenses won’t even be close to phased by him.  He won’t be able to run nearly as well in the pros and he has years of development to go before he can emerge as a legitimate NFL pocket threat.  Tebow is the classic case of a good college player who won’t translate well to the pros.  Oh yeah and that boyish charm?  You can forget about hard-nosed professionals thinking twice about falling into his emotional trap.  To them, he is just another guy they can hit as hard as they can.

-My Verdict

While I think Tebow is a genuine person and a driven football player, I easily tire of his persona…or at least the persona we see on camera.  It’s just obnoxious to me.  The same passion from Tebow that most of the country responds well to, I just think is exhausting.  I think that if it weren’t for his incredible work ethic and desire, he would be a total flop in the NFL.  But that’s not the case…we’re talking about a guy who just can’t seem to be denied when he sets his mind to something.

I still don’t think he’ll be a household name in the NFL, but he’ll definitely earn a few paychecks.  If he were to tone down his intensity and become more of a normal person, I think I would like him a lot more.  But for now, he is just an act to me, whether it’s fake or not.   He’s like that kid in your middle school class that is really nice, but you still don’t like him because he doesn’t really bring anything else to the table.

What do you think of Tebow?  Is he a hero, champion, stud, model citizen, etc?  Or is he just plain annoying and overrated?  List your comments below!


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