Life With The St. Paul Saints


After a brief hiatus from posting on The NBR, I’m back with an update from St. Paul, Minnesota.  I’m just beginning what should be a long, but extremely exciting summer of minor league baseball.  The St. Paul Saints, who play in the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball, will be my team this summer.

Broadcasting games and working in media relations will be my main duties for the Saints, but as I’ve discovered this week…I’ll be doing just about everything for the Saints.  Whether it’s brainstorming for promotion ideas, selling tickets, writing press releases, or painting the fence, I’ll be a big part of what the Saints do this summer.

Some may scoff at the less glamorous tasks, but I’ve chosen to embrace them.  You never know what you can take away from something unless you try it out and work hard at it.  This very mindset seems to be shared by all of the Saints employees, which makes the atmosphere around the stadium very refreshing.

The city of St. Paul adores the Saints…yes, they adore an independent league baseball team!  Their attendance numbers are through the roof compared to their divisional opponents…and much of that can be attributed to the goofy, yet genius promotions that they put on throughout the season.  The fun atmosphere makes you wonder who built the foundation of the organization.  Perhaps it may not surprise you then that Mike Veeck, son of legendary White Sox owner Bill Veeck, and Bill Murray, longtime comedian and actor, are primary owners of the team.

As the season approaches, there is a buzz around the stadium.  I’ve met with the manager and a few of the players and I’m intrigued at each of their paths to St. Paul.  A few players have tasted the major leagues, others have made it only as far as AAA or AA.  But the bottom line is these guys can play.

I picked up one of our pitchers from the airport yesterday…and he started railing off some of his former teammates like the Tigers’ Justin Verlander, the Twins’ Michael Cuddyer, and the Cubs’ Jeff Baker.

I’m excited to say the least.  To have the opportunity to be on the air for a team that generates so much excitement in a big market like Minneapolis-St. Paul is cool.  I’ll have more updates soon.


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