Dominance of UConn Makes Women’s Basketball Even Less Interesting


Rim-rattling dunks and high-flying alley-oops are just a few of the things missing from the game of women’s basketball.  It’s not their fault…but it’s a fact.

So before you sick the dogs on those who make their lack of interest in the women’s game well-known, just know that the blame shouldn’t go on the players nor the coaches.   It’s genetics, it’s evolution…it’s out of their hands.

With that being said, the game’s entertainment value is extremely low, giving people very little motivation to watch it, live or on TV.   You know the saying “Everything is bigger in Texas?”  Well, in this case, I hate to say it but, “Everything is less exciting in Women’s basketball.”

Now, you’re probably asking yourself why I’m even bringing this up…and I swear to you, there is a reason.  After all, most Americans, even plenty of women, will agree with me that the women’s game is lacking compared to the men’s…and everybody knows that.

But it was a highlight on Sportscenter this morning that got me thinking.  As you know, it’s NCAA Tournament time, not just for the men but also for the women.  So last night, the dominant UConn women’s team played the 8-seeded Lady Owls from Temple in a second round affair.  Now, to qualify for the NCAA Tournament, you normally have to be a pretty good team.  By all accounts, Temple was a good team, going 25-9 overall and 11-3 in the Atlantic 10 conference this year.

Temple proved their worth in the first round, knocking off James Madison University 65-63.  So you figure they have some skill, right?

Well, maybe…but it wasn’t anywhere near anything that was going to bother Geno Auriemma’s Huskies.


It gets worse, but just hold on for a second…I MEAN COME ON!   Producing some more competitive games would be a start for women’s basketball.  I realize UConn’s 74 wins in a row is something the sport has never seen before, but geeze!

Back to the game…the final score, 90-36.  Again, this was a second round NCAA Tournament game!

During the game, UConn went on a 20-0 run AND a 20-1 run.  Geno Auriemma took out his starters with 5 minutes to go, which means it could have been far worse.  It was so bad that when Qwedia Wallace, Temple’s leading scorer in the game, hit a 3-pointer to cut the deficit to 50, she thunderously pounded her chest and shouted something as she looked into the crowd.

Good to see she is still enthusiastic when the score is 73-23 in the second half…

Look, I realize that there are plenty of close games in women’s basketball, but when you look at a team like UConn, you know they’re going to win it all.  Like, I’m 100% positive.  So not only do you have lower entertainment value, you also have a lack of suspense.  Honestly, there isn’t anything interesting about that.

On the men’s side, who the hell knows who’s going to win it all!  Is it going to be a big shot team like Kentucky, Syracuse or Duke?  Is it going to be a 2-seed like Ohio St. or West Virginia?  How about Baylor or Xavier?  Or maybe it’ll be a red-hot underdog like Northern Iowa or Cornell?

Nobody knows.

So congratulations to Geno Auriemma and his players for another season well done.  I just wish for their sake that someone would be interested enough to watch.


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