Best and Worst of the Weekend: 3/19-3/21

Brady’s Best:

CBS’ coverage of the NCAA Tournament.  I think there were just as many cheerleader shots as three point shots.  I do think, however, that ESPN needs to get TV rights someday so that they can show multiple games at once.

Brady’s Worst:

Georgetown.  Not only were they beat by the Bobcats of Ohio University, they were blown out.  They let Armon Bassett score 32 points.  Don’t get me wrong, Bassett is a really good player with high major talent, but I have a hard time believing that Georgetown didn’t know about him.  They just couldn’t do anything to stop him.

Neal’s Best:

Cornell, Northern Iowa, Joe Mauer’s new contract, and Tiger Woods’ interview (depending on how you look at it).

Neal’s Worst:

Kansas, Villanova, and Ronnie Brown’s DUI


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