Bradley Gets Tossed From Spring Training Game…Surprised?


In the third inning of the Mariners’ 8-1 loss to the Rangers, something oh-so-familiar to  baseball fans happened again…Milton Bradley got ejected.  Bradley getting tossed from a  meaningless game doesn’t appear to have worried Mariners players, fans, and executives.  However, there are several other organizations and fan bases around the league that only need  to see one temper-tantrum to know Milton is still Milton.

Sure, it has to be tough for Bradley, who is negatively judged following even the tiniest misstep.  He probably…actually hold on…he definitely thinks he is unjustly put on trial on a daily basis  for things that he has done in the past.  Whether it is umpires expanding the strike zone, fans  heckling him, or teammates giving him the silent treatment, Bradley feels that he is a target  because he is so misunderstood.

Well, I’ve got some news for you, Milton…You bring it on yourself!

You would think that he would save his first ejection as a Mariner for the regular season…even if he didn’t agree with the called third strike yesterday.  Instead, he is already giving everyone else ammo to fire at him during the regular season.  As a Cubs fan and someone who covered the team closely last season, you can see the tension throbbing in his eyes.  So a warning to Mariners fans…leave him alone if you want to give him any chance to succeed!  Because if Bradley starts feeling ostracized in spring training, forget seeing any production from him during the year.

Maybe I’m being too hard on him, you say.  Just one, fairly soft ejection?  Well, normally with any other player…yes, I would be coming down way too hard.  But not with Milton…not after what I saw last season.

Some may look at the tape from his ejection last night and say, “Big Deal!”  That’s fine.  However, when I look at that tape.  I see the same antics as last year, the same facial expressions as last year, and certainly the same hint of tension I saw last year.

I knew I would eventually find recurring evidence of Milton’s psychosis this season.  I just didn’t think it would present itself in friggin’ spring training!


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