Bradley Keeps Making a Fool of Himself

It’s not that the Chicago media just loves to rail on Milton Bradley.  He just keeps doing their job for them, and making it a very easy job at that.

I, and every other person who blogs, speaks, writes, or even thinks about the Cubs would be very glad to not have to blog, speak, write, or even think about Milton Bradley ever again.

Bradley sat down with Colleen Dominguez for an interview, and she threw him some real softball questions.  It’s completely obvious from his answers that he really believes that Chicago, the city and the fans, were to blame for his poor performance.  The fact that he can’t realize that he’s to blame for his play on the field shows just how immature he is.

Look, I don’t condone racism, and I think everyone in this day and age would tell you the same thing.  If people at Wrigley really were yelling racist things at Bradley, and I’m not sure Bradley’s lying on this one, then they deserve to be dismissed from the park.  Hate mail is unacceptable too.

Bradley reacts after being ejected, which he also chose not to blame himself for

But as Bradley said in the interview, he’s gotten hate mail in a lot of different places.  Don’t you think, after awhile, you might look in the mirror and ask yourself “What can I do to be a better person?”  Don’t you think there might be a reason the Mariners are Bradley’s eighth team in 11 seasons?

Maybe Lou Piniella was right when he reportedly called Bradley a piece of s***.  In fact I know he was right.  The guy was just never happy.  Not to mention his play on the field didn’t exactly help.  It’s not the fans that made him hit .257 with only 40 RBI.  It’s not the fans that made him forget how many outs there were when he threw a live ball up into the stands, thinking he had just made the third out.  It wasn’t the fans who made him say what he said to get himself suspended.

His immaturity really shines through when he talks about how Alfonso Soriano has gotten similar treatment.  Soriano has no doubt heard his share of boos for poor play at Wrigley.  But the difference between Soriano and Bradley is how professionally Soriano handles it.  He knows enough not to criticize Cubs’ fans in the media.  What he says in his own time and what he truly thinks, when he’s not on the record, is his business.

There was question of whether or not more African-American players would  want to come to Chicago after Bradley brought the racist stuff to light.  News flash to Bradley…it’s not new.  That didn’t stop Marlon Byrd from signing here.  It didn’t stop you from signing here last year, when you could have asked Jacques Jones about it (I always liked Jones, I thought he had a lot of talent).

I said in last week’s podcast that I think Bradley will be great in Seattle.  He’s on a team that many people forget about once the regular season starts.  It’s been a long time since the Griffey-ARod era up there.  They still have Ichiro, who commands a great deal of attention, but most of that is from the Asian media.  And even though Griffey is back, he’s on the back end of his career.  Bradley can just focus on playing baseball there.

He also needs to stop talking about Chicago.  It’s like the girlfriend you just broke up with who won’t stop calling you or spreading rumors about you.  Get over it!


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