Thursday Quick Hits: Baylor B-ball Punch, Milton Bradley, and More


Baylor’s Griner Throws a Haymaker

In case you missed it, women’s basketball just got a whole lot more interesting as of Wednesday night.  In a Big 12 matchup between Baylor and Texas Tech, Baylor’s Brittney Griner was ejected in the second half after jacking Tech’s Jordan Barncastle in the face.  If you check out the video below, you can see Griner go after Barncastle when the two get tangled up under the basket.

There are a number of observations I have regarding the incident, most principally being that actions like Griner’s have no part in any game…women’s or men’s.  But perhaps the most pathetic part about it is that Griner’s team, Baylor, was leading by 16 at the time!  Not to mention the fact that Griner had 21 points in the game prior to her ejection.

So not only did Griner embarrass herself and the Baylor program, she probably ended her season, thereby hurting her team’s chances in the tournament.  Baylor is currently ranked at #14 in the AP Poll and judging by Griner’s point output prior to ejection, she will be sorely missed.  There is no doubt that someone who carries out an act like that should be suspended for the remainder of the year.

But hey, as much as you don’t want to admit it…kind of interested in women’s basketball now?  Nahhh.  Who am I kidding…still boring!

Milton Speaks Out Against Chicago

Just when you think Milton Bradley and the city of Chicago have parted their ways, something else pops up.  Bradley, apparently keen to squeeze in a final parting shot, spoke out recently in an interview with the NY Times.  And let’s just say he didn’t blame himself for the way things transpired in the Windy City.

“Two years ago, I played, and I was good.  I go to Chicago, not good.  I’ve been good my whole career.  So obviously it was something with Chicago, not me.

Bradley went onto say that the Cubs were trying to make him into a player that he wasn’t and that there was a lack of communication between him and the team.  Cubs manager Lou Piniella disagreed with Bradley’s assessment of the situation and implied that Bradley desperately underachieved in the position the Cubs were hoping he would thrive in.

If you ask me, Bradley’s words are yet another example of his lack of accountability and unstable attitude.  He seems to be in a constant state of denial in regards to the time he spent with the Cubs.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the next stop on his playing carousel (Seattle) is as unsuccessful as his time in Chicago.

The Golden Bear Talks Tiger’s Return

A pretty good rule to have in the world of professional golf is listen to whatever Jack Nicklaus says.  The oh-so-wise Nicklaus spoke out recently about Tiger Woods’ suspected return to the PGA Tour.  He said that he believes Woods will play in the Masters and added that he wouldn’t be surprised if Woods decided to return prior to Augusta in an effort to tune-up for the big event.

Now, I can probably safely say that Nicklaus hasn’t been in constant contact with Tiger throughout this whole ordeal.  However, when the Golden Bear talks, it’s usually a good idea to listen.  He has such a good feel for what’s going on in today’s game, so it’s certainly noteworthy that Nicklaus is so adamant about Tiger’s return being sooner rather than later.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see if he’s right, but judging from my own personal interest level as well as the people I have talked to, golf needs him back.  Right now, the buzz around the sport is absent and the presentation of the tournaments on TV just seems flat.


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