Case of the Mondays: Miller, Russia, Curling, ‘Cats/Jayhawks/Boilers

By Brady Stiff

It’s Monday.  A new week, a new month.  It’s March, which means ridiculous NCAA basketball games, Spring Training, and the NHL and NBA seasons start to heat up.

But first, let’s take a look at who’s got a Case of the Mondays.

1. Ryan Miller

I have a hard time being critical of the MVP of the Olympic Hockey Tournament.  The guy played great in goal for the entire tournament, and carried the USA to the gold medal game against Canada.

Ryan Miller is dejected as Canada celebrates Sidney Crosby's gold medal winner

He picked the wrong time to give up a soft goal.

I loved watching the hockey tournament, and literally jumped out of my seat when Zach Parise scored the goal with 25 seconds left.  I found myself genuinely disappointed when Crosby scored the game winner.  The postgame interview with Miller was ridiculously awkward too.  The guy asked him if he prepared for Sidney Crosby or not.  Please, man.  Crosby is maybe the best hockey player in the world.

Oh yeah, when Miller goes back to Buffalo and the Sabres, guess who the first game is against?  Yup, it’s Crosby and the Penguins, at their place.  Nice.

2. Russia

Russia is a traditional powerhouse in the Winter Olympics.  In the Vancouver Games, they finished with just 15 medals, half of what the Russian powers-that-be expected of them.  The Russian president is now calling for the resignation of those who prepared the athletes for the games.

How ridiculous is that?

I know Russia is pretty damn serious about athletics, but can they really not handle people being better than them at something?   They also claimed that world doping bans have deprived Russia of several medal contenders as well.  Maybe that’s their problem.  If you can’t beat anyone unless you cheat, you should take that as a sign that things need to change.

I kind of can’t wait to see what will happen if they don’t perform up to expectations when the Winter Olympics come to Sochi, Russia in 2014.

3. Curling

I finally understand this sport!

Ya, this one is in jest.  Seriously though, after the USA Network’s extensive coverage of curling, I finally understand the sport!  A lot of people I talked to really enjoyed the sport, and got into it as the tournament got down to the medal stages.

Problem is, the sport goes away from the American sports spectrum for the next four years.  I just looked into what going curling would cost, and it ain’t cheap.  $2,500 for 32 people for 2.5 hours.

4. Wildcats/Jayhawks/Boilers

This may be the most futile weekend for top college basketball teams in history.  Numbers one, two, and three all went down over the weekend.  Kentucky lost to Tennessee, Kansas fell to Oklahoma State, and Purdue predictably fell to Michigan State.  I say predictably because it was their first game without Robbie Hummel after he tore his ACL.

Even if Purdue had won on Sunday, I don’t know if they would have taken over the #1 ranking.  Syracuse had a pretty darn convincing win on Saturday night, knocking off Villanova by 18.

If I had to pick my favorite to win the title right now, it would be the Orange, but that could change once the brackets come out.

So there you have it, who do you think has the worst Case of the Mondays?


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