Let ‘Em Drink Beer

Yesterday, Canada’s women’s hockey team did what Canadians so desperately want their men’s team to do: Win a gold medal.

Two Canadians celebrate on the ice - Photo by Luke Winn

They blanked the US women, 2-0.  The story of the afternoon, though, is not that Canada won gold.  It’s the celebration that ensued that has everyone talking today.

To me, it’s a shame that this story has to overshadow their great accomplishment.

As the story goes, the Canadians went into their locker room after the game and medal ceremony to celebrate.  About a half hour later, they were asked to return to the ice for a photo-op.  The players weren’t the only thing that came out on the ice.

The Canadians were partying like Canadians can, drinking beer and champagne, and smoking cigars.  There’s plenty of pictures online if you Google it.

The media is blowing this situation out of proportion.  Way out of proportion.

It’s not fair to these athletes, who just won a gold medal, to be covering the celebration, and not the game.  They’re just being kids, celebrating a great accomplishment.

Should they have left the booze and the cigars in the locker room?  Probably, but were they really thinking about it when they were asked to go take pictures?  I highly doubt it.  Have you ever celebrated something great?  Put yourself in their shoes.

Haley Irwin gets the party going - Photo by Luke Winn

Then they issue an apology to the world, saying we’re sorry if our celebration offended anyone.  I think we know they don’t really mean what they say.  Here’s what they should have said:

“Dear World,

We are not at all sorry for celebrating the way we did after winning a gold medal.  We’re very proud of our accomplishment, and the fact that we got to do it in front of our countrymen and fans made it that much more special.  Hockey is Canada’s game, and winning a gold medal takes a lot of hard work and determination.  When you win a gold medal, then we can talk about celebration ethics.  Why don’t you come down to the ice and have a Molson with us!


The Olympic Gold Medalist Canadian Women’s Hockey Team.”

I have absolutely no problem with them celebrating like they did.  It didn’t seem to me like anyone was doing anything terribly out of line.  There may have been some underage drinking going on, but if that’s the worst thing that happened yesterday afternoon, then I think everyone will survive and move on.

Congratulations to the Canadians, even if you did beat the USA.


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