What I’m Watching Tonight: 2/24/10

No College Hoops for me tonight…

Canada vs Russia, Men’s Olympic Ice Hockey

This was supposed to be the gold medal game, according to some guy on some blog.  Oh yeah, that was me.

But seriously, who would have thought that one of these two teams is going home with nothing.  Nada, ничто.  In case you were wondering, ничто=nothing in Russian.

Sidney Crosby and Canada might go home with nothing.

If the USA-Switzerland game that’s going on now is any indication of what the game tonight will be like, it should make for great theater.

We’ll see maybe the two best in the NHL in Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin.  We’ll see seven of the top eleven goal scorers in the NHL, with Crosby and Ovechkin tied at the top.

There will be world-class goaltending, whether it’s Martin Brodeur or Roberto Luongo for the Canadians.  It’ll be Evgeni Nabokov for the Russians, and he’s only one off the NHL lead for wins for the San Jose Sharks.  It will certainly be interesting to see how the “Shark Line” for Canada goes after their teammate.

Canada got back on the right track yesterday, beating the crap out of Germany.  Luongo played well in goal.  Keep in mind, that for him these are home games.  Not only are they playing in his home country, it’s his home arena!  I believe there is something to be said for a goaltender being comfortable in pressure situations.

It should be a fantastic game, can’t wait to watch!


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