Get Ready Folks…Ozzie is on Twitter!


If you’re fresh off creating a Twitter account like I am, then you’re probably still in the midst of an ongoing  search for hilarious celebrities and athletes to “follow.”  Well, today I’ve got one for you…Chicago White Sox  Manager Ozzie Guillen.

That’s right, Ozzie announced his Twitter plans from sunny Arizona this week…and may I say much to the  dismay of Sox General Manager Kenny Williams.  Williams made it clear to the media by shaking his head  and in a stressed tone, saying “No comment.”

From the GM’s perspective, is it good that your often crazy and outspoken manager is getting ready to share  his daily thoughts with the world? Well, no. But from a fan’s perspective, it’s FANTASTIC.

Please take my word for it on this one.  After being fortunate enough to closely cover the team for a radio  station last year, let’s just say Ozzie is very entertaining…to put it very mildly.  Many of you have probably  heard or read about his outbursts, rants, and jokes through some sort of sports media outlet.  His comments  are often unpredictable and uncensored, which naturally makes him the perfect person to follow on Twitter if  you’re looking for a few laughs.

Now, who knows if the White Sox media personnel will govern his account eventually or hell…maybe Ozzie will even hold himself back a bit.  But for now, I would highly recommend following him. His Twitter name is OzzieGuillen and here is a taste of a few of his recent tweets (his “interesting” grammar and spelling adds to the appeal)….

–“3 day of Spring Training and i’m already boredddddd”

–“what I saw on the field today was a lot of grass”   (I’m sure he told that to a reporter when asked about the team)

–“I am tired from bad very bad golf”

Even with Guillen on the Twitter bandwagon, don’t expect to see Cubs Manager Lou Piniella committing any time soon.  Piniella said, “First of all, I don’t know how to Twitter.  Second of all, I’m not going to learn how to Twitter…I’m not a Twitter or a Facebook guy, I’m a prime rib and baked potato guy.”


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