Bill Simmons: ESPN’s Unheralded Star


He’s not on SportsCenter, PTI, Around the Horn or First Take.  He doesn’t have his own  morning or afternoon drive show on ESPN Radio.  So who is Bill Simmons and why is he so  important to ESPN?

Well, I can answer that…Simmons is a weekly columnist and podcaster for He’s also  quite possibly the most witty and clever sports personality the entire ESPN network has to offer.

You can find his work on’s Page 2 under “Sports Guy’s World.”  Simmons, who was  originally discovered from his internet columns as “Boston Sports Guy,” is both as hilarious and  as intelligent as they come when it comes to sports media.  Simmons’ deep knowledge of sports  helps him write convincing arguments and come up with unique ideas.  His sports columns often  make humorous references to the entertainment industry and pop culture, of which he seems to  be extremely well-versed in as well.

“The B.S. Report,” Simmons’ podcast (available on iTunes or, is absolutely hysterical and over the years has begun to attract some top-notch guests.  NBA Commissioner David Stern, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, U.S. soccer player Landon Donovan, SNL personalities Bill Hader and Seth Meyers, ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews, and movie director Jason Reitman have all been recent celebrity guests.  Also appearing regularly on podcasts are Bill’s close friends such as JackO, a die-hard Yankees fan, and Dave Jacoby, who has been humorously appointed as “The Czar of Reality TV.”

Whether Simmons is discussing his favorite TV shows like Jersey Shore and Survivor or complaining about the Red Sox losing the ALCS, he manages to keep his podcasts light and super entertaining, much like his columns.  His uncanny ability to consistently come up with fresh, engaging content through written and spoken work is incredible, so I hope by writing this article, some of our readers may “start to get their Simmons on.”

Much like Ozzie Guillen in the previous article, Simmons is fantastic to follow on Twitter, for both sports news and his hilarious observations.  His name is sportsguy33.


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