Case of the Mondays: Canucks, Russia, Crawford

By Brady Stiff

It’s a snowy Monday here in Chicago.  I think we were expecting a lot more snow than we actually got, so all the schoolkids and teachers probably have a pretty good case of the Mondays.  As for the sports world…

Team USA beat Team Canada 5-3


Not just Team Canada, but the entire country.  If you haven’t heard by now, Team USA beat Team Canada in hockey last night, 5-3.  The Canadians never led in the game, and Martin Brodeur was bested by Ryan Miller.  There is no gold medal that Canada wants more in these Olympics than men’s ice hockey.  To lose is one thing, but to lose to the Americans makes it sting that much more.

By all accounts, the streets of Vancouver were eerily quiet after the game, and the arena was just as quiet after the game.  It wasn’t a 1980-sized upset, but it was definitely a game Canada should have won.  The US now gets a first-round bye as the “playoffs” get underway.


OK, I know I said during the podcast last Friday that we would never mention men’s figure skating again, but I kind of had to on this one.  Evan Lysacek upset Evgeni Plushenko for the gold medal last week, and now Plushenko and Russia are hoppin’ mad.  Plushenko was complaining that because he did the quad, he should have the gold.  Even Vladimir Putin, who has nothing to do with figure skating, said that his guy should have won gold.  I’ve even seen quotes going so far as to accuse the judges of corruption.

Come on man, you lost.  I know Russia doesn’t handle losing well, especially to America.  Face it, we’re better.

Jamal Crawford

I normally don’t make any sort of big deal of a regular season NBA game, but I turned on ESPN after the USA-Canada game last night and the Hawks and Warriors were locked up in a close one late in the 4th quarter.

With about 40 seconds left and the score tied, Jamal Crawford thought he got fouled on a play, and went ballistic.  He earned himself a technical foul in the process.  Steph Curry made the free throw, and the Hawks never recovered.  It just goes to show that you can really, really hurt your team by losing control of your emotions.  Kudos go out to the official who called the technical.


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