Shut Up Ernie

By Brady Stiff

No, I’m not talking about Sesame Street.

It appears that Ernie Els is a bit upset with the timing of Tiger’s press conference.

Ernie Els doesn't approve of Tiger's timing

He thinks that Tiger having a press conference on Friday is “selfish” because it coincides with the Accenture Match Play Championships in Arizona.  It’s one of golf’s bigger events.

Well, Ernie, I’ve got a news flash for you.  NOBODY REALLY TRULY CARES!!

People have wanted to hear from Tiger since he got into that “accident” over Thanksgiving.  They want to hear what he’s been doing since Thanksgiving, and when he’s coming back to golf.

They’ll put when he’s coming back in their Blackberry so they can remember to start watching golf again.  Who has won the golf tournaments so far this year?  I don’t know, and I don’t really care.  Golf, to me at least, is worse to watch than the NBA.  I love playing golf, but if I want a nap on a Saturday afternoon, I’ll turn on the golf tournament.

The PGA Commissioner seems to have a much better perspective on things, though he seems to think that Tiger’s statement will make people magically tune into the tournament.  I don’t really think so.

According to Tiger’s agent, Mark Steinberg, they checked with Accenture before scheduling the press conference.  Ironically, Accenture was the first to drop Tiger from their sponsorship campaign when news of his infidelities came out.  For once, I actually believe an agent.  I don’t think Tiger would have any intention of hurting the PGA Tour and their sponsor, even if they dropped him.  He’s smart enough to know that he is the PGA Tour.

Ernie Els, I admire your passion, misguided as it may be.  It’s just that people watch for Tiger.

Like I said, I love playing golf, even if I suck at it.  I just find it torturous to watch on TV.


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