Case of the Mondays: Landis, Vonn’s Competition, Daytona

It’s Monday.  It’s also President’s Day.  Just because a lot of people have the day off doesn’t mean people can’t have a Case of the Mondays!

Floyd Landis

Floyd Landis was the winner of the 2006 Tour de France for awhile.

Floyd Landis is in trouble again

And then his drug tests came up.  He was stripped of his title and now faces a French arrest warrant.  It was found that he used computer files in his defense that he hacked from a laboratory’s system.  It was originally reported as an international arrest warrant, but the report has been amended.

Things aren’t looking good for Landis.  He gets stripped of his title for having elevated testosterone levels for the most prestigious cycling race in the world, and now he’s about to be arrested for hacking into some computers to try and defend himself.  What a disgrace to American cycling.

Lindsay Vonn’s Competition

They must be shaking in their ski boots.

The weather conditions in Vancouver have been less than stellar for skiing, so training has been delayed.  It’s required that each athlete complete at least one training run before actual competition can begin.  All of this has given Lindsay Vonn’s shin time to heal up.  She completed a training run today and was the fastest one down the hill.

I think that might spell doom for the rest of the field.


NASCAR’s Super Bowl Weekend was filled with controversy.  Congratulations go out to Jamie McMurray for winning the race.  Before the checkered flag flew though, there were two and a half hours worth of delays because a pothole showed up…..twice.  This is pretty embarrassing for Daytona International Speedway.  The Daytona 500 is NASCAR’s premier event, and you can’t have this negative publicity for a sport that can’t afford negative publicity.

Also, on Saturday, NASCAR’s most anticipated debut was foiled by a crash.  Danica Patrick got caught in a 12-car wreck just past the halfway point of the Nationwide race.  She was never really near the front of the pack, but she still feels her better days are ahead of her.  I hope so, for NASCAR’s sake.


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