Best and Worst of the Weekend


I’m a faithful listener of the Dan Patrick Show.  Most of you know Dan Patrick from his days at ESPN, where he was, dare I say, En Fuego.  He’s now got a nationally-syndicated, well-listened to radio show.  In Chicago, you can hear it from 1-4 AM on 670 WSCR.  Or you can do what I do and download the podcast of the show from iTunes.

Every Monday, Dan and his producers do a segment where they name their Best and Worst of the Weekend.  It’s usually about sports, but they sometimes jump off the sports page.

For the first edition….


Wouldn't D Wade look great in a Bulls uni?

Dwayne Wade at the All Star Game on Sunday night.  D-Wade dropped 28, had 11 assists, and had six rebounds.  Say what you want about it being the All Star Game, but it was certainly an impressive performance.  He also had something like seven dunks.


A game I reffed on Sunday night.  It was a 7th grade boy’s rec game.  At halftime, the league commissioner, who’s working the scorebook, tells us what she thinks of our calls.  It wasn’t exactly a shower of compliments.  What the common basketball fan might not realize, is that the scorer’s table crew is technically part of the officiating crew for that game.  It’s totally unacceptable for someone at the table to complain like that…


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