Case of the Mondays: Colts, Colts Fans, Hoosiers, Tar Heels

It’s been a while, but here we are, with a new site, and a new lease on life.  Super Bowl Monday is a good time to restart Case of the Mondays, so here we go.

1. The Indianapolis Colts

Super Bowl 44 had the potential to be one of the most classic Super Bowls of all time.  It was a good game, but compared to the last two Super Bowls, it wasn’t great.  Peyton Manning and the Colts were not huge favorites, but a lot of people were picking the Colts to win.  The Saints controlled the entire game, with the Colts running just six offensive plays in the second quarter.  Three of those plays were just running plays in the last two minutes when they weren’t really trying to score.  If you’re going to beat the Colts, that’s the way to get it done.

Drew Brees and the Saints celebrate their Super Bowl victory

The Colts got off to a good start, finishing the first quarter up 10-0, but they were never able to get into their signature offensive rhythm after that, and the Saints took advantage.  The Colts had a chance to go for the jugular late in the second quarter.  They got the ball on their own five yard line with a minute and 55 seconds to go until halftime.  They ran the ball three times, allowed the Saints to control the clock, and the Saints ended up getting the ball and kicking a field goal to go into the half only down by four instead of 14.

That’s not like the Colts, who have maybe the quickest-striking offense in the league.  Needless to say, I disagree with the Colts’ strategy decision there.

2.  Colts Fans

The state of Indiana has just two professional sports teams, and the Colts are clearly superior to the Pacers.  They’re one of the most passionate football fan bases I’ve come into contact with.  I’m still partial to my fellow Bears fans, of course.

Going to school in Indiana for four years, I came to respect the Colts organization for the way they do things.  Most of their fans are pretty knowledgeable about football, too, so it’s generally a good conversation when the Colts come up.

When the Colts beat the Bears in the Super Bowl a few years ago, though, it was tough to be around those fans who were gloating about their big victory.  IU has a very large Chicago contingent, so that Super Bowl almost pitted the students of the school against themselves.  As a Bears fan, it’s almost sweet revenge to know that Colts fans now know what it feels like to lose a Super Bowl.

Don’t worry, though, Colts fans.  You have the best quarterback in the history of the game on your side.  They’ll be fine.

3.  Hoosiers

The Indiana Hoosiers basketball team and their fans have had a rough week.  Last Saturday, they were beaten at the buzzer by the hated Illini, and last Thursday they nearly pulled off a huge upset at home against arch rival Purdue.  The fact that Indiana was that close to pulling off two great wins in a row had Hoosier fans riding high into Sunday’s game against Northwestern.

Verdell Jones dropped 28 in the loss to Northwestern

The result was somewhat predictable, though.  It was almost inevitable that a letdown was coming, and it came in a big way against the pesky Wildcats in Evanston.  The Hoosiers got down big early, and never did pose a real threat in the game.  They allowed Northwestern to make shots, especially from distance, while Indiana was ice cold from the field.

You have to come ready to play anytime you play the Wildcats, especially in their barn.  They have a way of jumping up and knocking off giants.  Not that Indiana is a giant, but Northwestern certainly showed what they are capable of doing.

Hoosier fans were certainly even more conflicted when it was the Saints’ Tracy Porter, an IU alum, effectively clinched the Super Bowl with a Pick-6 of Peyton Manning.  While it was the fatal blow to their beloved Colts, at least they could be proud that an IU guy made a big play on the big stage.

4.  North Carolina Tar Heels

One year after dominating the NCAA Tournament, the Tar Heels are a shell of themselves.  They lost again on Sunday, by almost 20, to Maryland.  That brings their record to 13-10, and just 2-6 in the ACC.  At this point, they’ve lost three in a row, and only one of their last seven games.

As far as their tournament prospects, it might be time to start thinking about their first-round NIT matchup, instead of the NCAA’s.  They do have a couple of nice wins, over Ohio State and Michigan State, but they were both at home.  They only have one true road win, and it wasn’t against anyone impressive (NC State).  The overtime loss at home to the College of Charleston sticks out like a sore thumb, even though C of C is leading the Southern Conference, and will probably be in the tournament.  That’s still a team they should beat, especially in the Dean Dome.

UNC is headed towards their worst season since they went 8-20 in 2001-2002.  Don’t worry, though, Tar Heel fans.  Help is on the way.

So there you have it.  Who do you think has the worst case of the Mondays?  Leave us a comment.


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